Refine, Transform, Reborn ——Chlitina 2016 Brand Ceremony

Release Date:2016-03-16

At the start of spring, joining together with Chlitina’s business partners is the moment I expect most every year! Today we are going to share with each other expectations and look into our common future. 


Transform, Create a prettier “Her” economy

This year is uneventful. 2015 witnessed the most disappointing year of global economic growth since the financial crisis. 2016 is like an enemy to the whole world. But in 2015, China remained the second-largest economy in the world with a 6.9% GDP growth rate. Last year China’s cosmetics retail sales totaled RMB 204.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 8.8%, higher than that of GDP. The cosmetics industry is steadily growing and has sound prospects. We believe that the “Her” economy, or the economy boosted by Chinese women’s consumption, will be a major driver for economic restructuring ahead.

On the other hand, in the disrupted social environment where people’s outlook of world and value are constantly changing with high-technology & information, modern women have to change their roles to deal with complicated interpersonal relationships and specially need to return to who they were, soothe their hearts, have more rest, restore  their energy, to replenish themselves to address challenges, just like a caterpillar that needs sufficient nutrition before withdrawing into its cocoon, transforming itself inside, before breaking out of the cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

This year Chlitina’s brand concept is “Cocooning”. We hope that all of Chlitina’s business partners can offer their best support to modern women’s cocooning and restoration. We need to open our hearts, embrace our clients’ fatigue with care, offer them a comfortable and relaxing environment, and help clients complete the cocooning repair with our highly-efficient products and perfect service. Then, they will regain their physical and mental energy. 


Get prepared, Confidently embrace the prettier “Her” economy

Yes, the era of China’s “Her” consumption has come. The “Cocooning” of modern women is the development opportunity for our industry to face the challenges of our time. In the present retail market, cosmetics, health products, maternal and child products are particularly promising. At the same time, industry markets are more diversified and interesting, reflecting women’s unique features including personality, exquisiteness and caring, and different kinds of e-commerce and business models. Called upon by Internet+, the young are plunging into the diversified innovation of the industry, intensifying consumers’ habit of using mobile phones (7 out of 10 people consume through mobile phones). Fast-changing and unpredictable consumer behavior constitutes a huge shock to the conventional business model.

Over the past 19 years, Chlitina has always grown with its business partners. We support each other’s business and ideals. Now we have to face the challenges of the time together. We are quite confident that as any business is based on people-to-people trust, we already have each other, compared with e-commerce that strives for more fans. It is the clarion of our victory.

Chlitina has prepared multi energies for business partners to break out of their cocoon for a wider market. This year we invited A-Lin as Chlitina’s brand spokeswoman. We brought in a German skincare brand that effectively repairs skin problems, a French brand of perfume, skincare, maternal and child products. We introduced a store management system for business partners so that they have better tools to operate and manage in a more convenient and effective manner, and expand the market. We will further improve the online shop by selling more products for larger O2O business opportunities.

Today we gather here today also to witness the brand’s internationalization publicity. As the official skincare brand of the Shanghai International Film Festival, this year Chlitina joined hands with the festival for a global search for a script for the documentary “Brave Women love”. We particularly hope to help young artists share with us real stories of “Brave Women love” in their unique artistic language. In 2017, the award-winning documentary will showcase at the festival. We are proud to say that the whole world will pay attention to the brand proposition “Brave Women love”.

From products to management, channel development, publicity at home and abroad, we plunge ourselves into the all-around work related to our brand with the purpose of gaining consumers’ recognition and giving Chlitina’s business partners our best support. 


Youth, Fashion, Internationalization for Future

Chlitina’s business partners, faced with transformation and challenges, we are very confident that we are always the very women that love bravely. I see on your face the full energy inside and outside. Let’s create a better future with the new profile of Youth, Fashion, and Internationalization! 


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