E.P.O. is a skin-affinitive care product containing mainly Evening Primrose extract, different from common skincare products.
Special R type flax acid (GLA) helps the skin absorb nutrients, maintains elasticity, fights sagginess.

24-hour close to skin, care skin, revitalizes the skin; E.P.O. is a new source of skin vitality.

Chlitina E.P.O. with close-to-skin nourishment makes the skin delicate and fresh like a cloudless sky.
With Evening Primrose extract, E.P.O. can moisturize deep into skin cells, lock moisture inside, slowly release necessary nutrients, maintains moisture-nutrient balance.
Let your skin absorb to the max.Looked left or right, your face is too delicate.
With the right care, dark blemishes on the skin fade away, making your skin as fresh as a clear sky.
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