Unique experience

Smooth as cream, soft as velvet, light as silk, free from dry, thick and heavy touch of other counterparts

Perfect color

Lasting color display technology, extracted colors from nature, display fantastic silky lip makeup

Double repairing power

After apply, you feel as hyaluronic acid injected into lip for instant stereo abundance and strong cover of lip lines.

Silky Lipstick

If you feel a little down today but want to display everyday glamor, then a red lipstick can easily enhance your pose.

Rose-carmine lipstick is indispensable for parties. Thick eyelash plus rose-carmine lipstick up your queen-style. Rose-carmine is also the best choice for making sexy & luring touch.

If you want instant whitening, not waste too much foundation, an orange lipstick suffices. But you have to be careful, as orange is close to skin color. When choosing, you must try it on your lip to see the real effect.

Pink shall not be so powerful as to make women feel offended, but attractive to men. Good interpersonal relations rely on it. Whatever the powder, if appearing on lips, shall appropriately express women's grace.