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Dr.W.K.Chen, founder of Chlitina, President of Kelti Group

Dr.W.K.Chen, the Father of Amino Acid
Skincare Revolution Exclusive for Asians

Dr.W.K.Chen, known as the Father of Amino Acid, is the first expert on medical beauty to apply amino acids in skincare. In the early 1990s,
Dr.W.K.Chen smartly applied amino acid in Chlitina products and developed the E.P.O. Facial Cleanser, distinguishing Chlitina from other skincare products and ushering in a new skincare revolution. Since then, Chlitina products have become skincare leaders for their fantastic results. Statistics show that Chlitina’s E.P.O. Facial Cleanser have generated many sales miracles and obtained many honors in the industry.

Its first facial cleanser born in 1989
became a monumental star product in Chlitina's brand history.
Glutamic acid from natural wheat and simulative sebum film
gently cleanse the skin, fully repair the sebum film, and restore the skin's self-purifying ability, so the skin can enjoy natural cleansing experience.


Chlitina, derived from Christina (Savior), intends to initiate a new skincare revolution, and disseminating ways of beauty to women with the brand philosophy of amino acid skincare that is gentle & effective. The brand logo—an honorary laurel woven from abundant wheat--symbolizesbeauty, health, happiness.As the founder Dr.W.K.Chen, Chlitina creates a legend of beauty with the philosophy & practice of "Love & Sharing".

Brand motto [Women Love Bravely]

New brand announcement: [Women Love Bravely]encourages women that only by loving bravely, can life blossom in perfection. Meanwhile, with [Women Love Bravely],the brand motto inspires positive energy inside women including care, sharing, confidence, courage, so that they not only can keep beauty but also courageously pursue their own dreams.